IheartAnthony applied creative vision to meet the marketing needs of UNM’s Graduate and Professional Student Association. He worked in a timely and responsive manner to ensure his designs aligned with the goals of the organization.

-Katie Richardson, GPSA president 2011-2012


 I want to develop science that resonates and my custom logo makes that first impression.

-John Montoya, UNM Dept. Electrical Engineering


IheartAnthony added a wedding-themed word search and photo scavenger hunt to our programs, and the interactive aspect made each guest feel welcome and connected, and helped break the ice by starting conversations.

-Trinity Boscardin, happy customer

IheartAnthony is the perfect harmony between scientific thought and creative design. With IheartAnthony you can expect mind-blowing design coupled with extremely well-thoughtout and researched ideas. I strive to deliver results that are exactly what you want and need. You can guarantee that your product will impress your friends, family, colleagues, and employees and will provide the professional look you’ve desired.


HappiLabs Infographic

Business Services, Science, Web Design
...This is your brain while shopping. Any questions?


Photography, Print Design, Web Design
Teamwork is the key to building something big!

GPSA Media

Brand Management, Business Services, Print Design, Web Design
Brand management for when content and information are king.

Accents Catering Menu

Print Design
Customers should want to remember the location as much as they remember…

Funeral Program

Print Design
Sometimes a powerful design is also a simple one.

DataONE brochure

Print Design, Science
Building clientele is easier when it looks this good!

UNM Brochure

Print Design
Some information is so important that great design ensures it gets into…

Wedding Program

Print Design
A wedding program designed to ensure a relaxed, casual, and fun atmosphere!…

Valentine’s Card

Nothing says "I love you" more than giving someone your actual heart!