IheartAnthony is dedicated to delivering amazing design to our clients. Every design is custom tailored to your wants and needs, and we take tremendous pride in our work and reputation.


Anthony Salvagno, PhD

Graphic Designer, CEO

I am the founder and lead designer for IheartAnthony. While in graduate school studying Physics, I became frustrated with the time spent understanding and deciphering scientific information. I felt that scientists should put more effort into making information and data more accessible. From that moment I began discovering and applying best practices in graphic design to break the cycle of the convoluted portrayal of science.

Upon completion of my PhD in Spring of 2013, I established IheartAnthony, Inc and began designing full time. After 6 years of honing the skills and creativity developed during my studies I’m ready to bring this knowledge to the world. I’m passionate about design and deeply fascinated in the interface between science and art. My process combines scientific thought, technical design, and creative vision to deliver harmonious work to my clients.

Since science and art are the center of my world, you can find traces of both in everything I do. I manipulate the physical principles of light in my photography. I harness my scientific training and childlike wonder while working with my friend T-rex. I research biological complexity and nutritional science while crafting peanut butter and jelly style sandwiches on my food truck S’wich It Up with my brother Jason. And I continue to strive to make scientific information more accessible and attractive through my open notebook.