GPSA Media

  • Client: Graduate and Professional Student Association, UNM
  • Purpose: Brand management and information propogation

Brand management for when content and information are king.

I served as the Media and Transparency Chair for the Graduate and Professional Student Association at UNM for one year. My primary responsibility was to handle the brand management for the GPSA. This mostly involved making sure that information was accessible to as many students as possible.

I started by ensuring that all GPSA material adhered to the University’s logo usage policies. I then launched the GPSA social media campaign, which I then served as the lead admin for. From time to time, I would be commissioned to create documents for various departments of the GPSA or to promote social events for the student body. The media I display here is content rich to illustrate the care and purpose in my designs with regard to information. The products were designed to be displayed across multiple platforms, including both web and physical.

As part of the GPSA, I became involved with the New Mexico Graduate and Professional Student Conference, a student run and organized conference designed to bring students from all disciplinary backgrounds together. For this conference I launched the social media campaign, and created event posters and room signage to allow attendees to locate speakers and sessions. Each session type was color-coded by discipline for easy identification. This conference eventually evolved into the New Mexico Shared Knowledge Conference.