For businesses, the business card is the opening statement, your first impression. For designers it can be your last will and testament. I mean, who would hire a designer that doesn’t have a powerful design on their card? And to make matters worse, in the age of the cell phone the business card is almost obsolete. Not to mention the fact that people get handed business cards all the time, along with all other sorts of print material, and we are pretty much conditioned to just throw it away.

How are we supposed to stand out and be remembered with all that going against us?

Well believe it or not, as technology improves, so does print technology. If you want to stand out you need to innovate in print, and lucky for us all I know just how to do it. For my own card I chose to go with a letterpress design and some metallic ink. This is just one of the many revolutionary techniques you can apply to differentiate yourself from everyone else.

Pretty soon you’ll be telling your friends, “IheartAnthony Design. Do you?”