John Montoya Research

  • Client: John Montoya
  • Purpose: personal logo for research use

At the interface of science and design.

It is my personal research goal to develop new technologies in the field of optoelectronics. I wanted a logo that I can use to stamp my mark on presentations, chip designs, and a personal research website. IheartAnthony went above and beyond my expectations. He beautifully combined infrared optical antenna concepts with my initials to simultaneously make a statement about my research field and who I am as a scientist. I want to develop science that resonates and my custom logo makes that first impression.

-John Montoya, UNM Dept. Electrical Engineering

For this design, I was commissioned to design a logo that incorporated the client’s scientific research with his own philosophy. The original intention was to be able to fabricate micro- and nanotechnology with the logo incorporated like a watermark. The logo would also allow colleagues to identify his research quickly. This design was inspired by a metamaterial nanocapacitor, and will function (with unknown behavior) if fabricated.