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Professional “style” design typically ends up as boring and drab. The desire for a clean-cut look ends up overpowering the message of the design. With IheartAnthony, you can have a professional look and feel that is not only informative, but also beautiful. We strive to bring a balanced look to whatever you need designed. We want your business to have aesthetic appeal, but also to be taken seriously. Our designs make your information the top priority, and we do it with style and poise.

From a business standpoint we aren’t strictly a design firm. We can provide services that no other design firm can offer. Here are some services that separate us from the rest:

  • Graphic/Web Design Services – With our design services, you can be guaranteed to have the best design for your business whether you are printing brochures for distribution, business cards for contact information, or web design for paperless delivery.
  • Brand Management – Your business should be a long-lasting entity and from the very start we take that to heart. Your brand should be consistent in all forms of output and we ensure that the theme and story of your company is properly conveyed. Our logo design process starts with extensive research, and the final design represent everything that your business does while providing an eye-catching and memorable design. Your logo sets the tone, and every product you output should carry the same message. Even if you have a logo, we ensure that our designs fit into the theme of your logo and your brand.
  • Social Media Marketing – In this day and age, information comes and goes, and social media is the source of it all. At IheartAnthony, social media isn’t just a way to attract more customers, it is much more than that. Through social media, you have the ability to provide your customer base with even more value for your company. With social media, brand loyalty is no longer a thing of the past.
  • Presentation Design – If a picture is 1000 words, then a presentation is an encyclopedia of information. So why does everybody set out to bore and distract their audience? The right presentation can deliver the most important scientific discoveries, sell a phone to millions of customers, or fund your business. We have the expertise to take your presentation to the next level not only visually, but from a content perspective as well. We are also able to coach you to ensure that your presentation is delivered with a bang!
  • Business Plan Development – The business plan is the most important and fundamental piece of any successful business. Many will say that in this day and age a business plan is unimportant, but any business without a plan is doomed to failure. Even just a basic set of goals and knowledge of the obstacles can help a business get off the ground and on the path to success. We can help develop your plan no matter what you hope to accomplish.

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